April 3, 2020
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[CentOS] How To Check Current Version Of Apache

My efforts of trying to get HTTP/2 set up continue. I need to figure out what version of Apache I have, so here's the terminal code I found for that.

# httpd -v

After inputting that, I find that my current version is 2.4.6. The Apache website says that the most current version is 2.4.43, which seems outdated compared to what I have based on the version number. That's interesting, I should be able to use HTTP/2 with my current version of Apache, shouldn't I?

Update: It seems I have CentOS 7 installed on this current system. The best version of Apache for CentOS7 is 2.4.6, which doesn't support HTTP/2 out of the box. The newest version is in fact 2.4.43, and that requires CentOS 8.

New Goal: Create a new server with CentOS 8, with newly installed everything, port everything over from the old server and go from there. Honestly, I feel like I should do this once a year. It seems if I let too much time pass, I'm stuck in the past and everything I'm using is outdated. I really want to always have up to date technology with my server. I'm afraid I'm years behind.

Welp, better late than never :P.

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