All About Me
Who I Am
What Makes Me Tick

This is a story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there... Yeah, something like that.

My name's Seth Ciasulli, but you can call me Spark, all of my close friends and family always have. I don't remember how I got the nickname, but the name Sparky stuck when I was really young and has remained a thing until this day. When I got to high school I wanted to be called Spark instead of Sparky, and somehow I got people to transition to that. Really, you can call me whatever you want. I've had friends call me Sprinkles, Spackle, Spaack, Sparkles, etc. Be creative, have fun with it. I don't mind, it's whatever.

For as long as I can remember, gaming has always been a hobby of mine. I'm the youngest of 4 children, often the one who was overlooked and had to just go with the flow of things so I wouldn't get left behind. Things weren't always perfect growing up. I have an Italian household? Maybe that helps. Money was tight. My dad is very loud, opinionated, never wrong in his own mind, and not afraid to tell you. My older brothers were gear heads, into dirtbikes and atvs. Tensions were high, fighting was normal, so I think I saught refuge in playing video games as a way to ignore all of the stress around me. Even now, I very much enjoy solitude.

If I'm being honest, I was never a normal kid. I went to school, played video games when I got home, but I also had to practice a sport almost every day of the week, all year round. I wrestled. And yeah, it was pretty serious. This turned out to be a good thing because the sport got me a scholarship to a university that I easily would not have been able to afford, let alone get accepted into. It also gave me a nice career because I took over my dad's wrestling club when it was time. However, it was during my limited downtime that I relaxed and decompressed with video games.

It's funny, when a teacher asked me what I wanted to do when I got older I did say, "play video games". I figured that would mean be a video game tester at a company and so I never really pursued that idea. It wasn't until I found Twitch that I realized that that dream could actually come true. And so this led to my streaming career.

While we're doing that, I figured it would be a smart idea to develop other things around it. There are many forms of entertainment that people are interested in, and I want to give my opinion of as many things as possible.